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The Urban Shaman is a new digital magazine serving the contemporary shamanic community. Our vision is to be more than just another magazine, but to build strong, interactive, and dynamic community, to facilitate an archetypal definition of shamanism that is practical and relevant to contemporary, post-industrial culture, and offer ethical and insightful content that speaks to the emerging and experienced shamanic self.



Our vision is that the magazine serves as a springboard for a developing online community, and that the magazine in-turn is built around the community collaborative, which is designed to support and encourage the contemporary shaman, practitioner, shamanic initiate, and the serious seeker of animistic and archaic wisdom, reinterpreted through a relevant cultural lens.


Our mission is to facilitate and hold community in order to foster collaboration between established elders and individuals seeking mentorship, and to develop a guarded vessel in which the role and work of shamanism can be earnestly explored and discussed in integrity.


Our goal is to spotlight those doing exceptional work, providing exposure to their practice, while enhancing our own understanding and practice, to explore topics relevant to our own psychospiritual development, and to strengthen and grow the contemporary shamanic community through unity, and offering cultural and practical relevance in developing practice.

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We are currently looking for an Investigative Staff Writer. You can download the requirements here.

We are currently looking for a Social Media/Online Marketing Intern. You can download the requirements here.

We are currently looking for a Video Interviewer/Podcast Host. You can download the requirements here.

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