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We are also seeking nominations of exceptional shamanic elders,

teachers, and/or practitioners for exclusive spotlighting.


As we develop and evolve our considerations may change. For now we are looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • Foundations: An article outlining a foundational aspect, belief, or gnosis specific or relevant to shamanism and from an archetypal point of view (i.e., animism, shamanic impulse, the role of the shaman)
    1500-2500 words, typed, copyright-free, original work


  • Practice: An article on specific aspect/technique/modality of shamanic practice (i.e., soul retrieval, ceremony, entheogens, curse extraction, dream work)
    1500-2500 words, typed, copyright-free, original work


  • Emerging: An article on shamanic initiation and process, encouraging introspective psychospiritual depth and personal healing (i.e, shamanic death, 'dark night of the soul', shadow work, initiation)
    1500-2500 words, typed, copyright-free, original work


  • Uniting: Specific cultural practice, experience, or focus (either from shaman, apprentice/initiate, or participant POV) (i.e., ancestral connection, lineage, adapting ceremony and/or customs, converging culture with shamanic practice, local culture)
    1500-2500 words, typed, copyright-free, original work


  • Community-Building: Promoting all aspects of community-building (i.e., tips, ideas, examples in action, descriptions of ceremonial circles, etc.)
    No more than 250 (not 2500) words, typed, copyright-free, original work


  • Soul Sparks: Short story, poetry, prose, song, etc.- all relating to shamanism, an animistic viewpoint, visionary or community-related.
    Short story can be no more than 2000 words, songs or poems no more two pages (formatted), and all submissions must be typed, copyright-free, original work


  • We are also looking for original art and media that has a shamanic and/or visionary theme, and we would love to review your copyright-free work, along with a 150 word or less description of what it means to you.

We would love to have your suggestions for our consideration to review relevant media, including film (cinematic or documentary), music, books and other print media, and visual materials. And, as noted above, we also would appreciate your nomination of an exceptional individual to spotlight their work, their community, or their unique story. Please write us to tell us what you think is compelling about the person (can be yourself) and provide contact information.

Please note:

We highly recommend you query us prior to writing an

article specifically for us, just to make sure the topic

and voice resonates with our vision.

Not everything submitted will be accepted for publication.

By submitting you agree to a review and editing.

At this time we are unable to pay for submissions, but if your work is chosen, you will be compensated with a

complimentary SINGLE MONTH subscription.

Only one per 12 month period may be redeemed.

If your work is chosen for publication you will be required

to sign a Release of Liability and Permission to Use, verifying that your submission is your original work, copyright is not owned by a third party, and that we have permission

to print and distribute your work without restriction.

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