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When you subscribe to The Urban Shaman you're joining a tribe.

Subscription not only offers you full access to all the rich and premier content within a contemporary shamanic lifestyle magazine, which is chock-full of practitioner highlights to connect you, best practices to encourage you, insights into psychospiritual development that will stretch and affirm you, soulful and visionary expressions that will inspire you, and relevant cultural interface that will anchor you, you will also receive exclusive access to ADVERTISEMENT-FREE, subscription-only areas that include: 

  • Password-protected interactive and tended online community

  • The ability to develop your own social circles with like-minded people

  • The ability to connect with practitioners, elders, and teachers, and/or initiates and seekers

  • Community bulletin boards where you can share or see what's happening in your online or physical community

  • Full video interviews

  • Live online meet and greet opportunities

  • Expanded media content

  • Blog content

  • Discounts on branded products

$60 annual subscription


$7 monthly

payable by PayPal,

or major credit card

  • facebook
  • youtube
  • twitter
  • instagram
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